A hybrid between a full blown remote desktop service and barebones SSH. Charon allows users to access their desktop in a way which is faster than traditional remote desktop features and much easier to use than SSH. The project was a winner at the 2015 QUT Hackathon.




Sprinkles_for_vanilla is a minecraft mod which adds a config file for vanilla minecraft. Such configs include disabling mobs, particles, sleep, or teleporting, adding villagers, changing how much damage is dealt from various sources, allowing water to be placed in the nether and more... The mod has had over 100,000 downloads.
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SafeRoad is designed as a platform for finding high risk road areas. It can be used in planning mainentance and further development of road infrastructure such as signage, traffic flow management and road resurfacing. It can also assist in planning new emergnecy service home-base locations. For the public, the service highlights roads of high risk and could act to reduce road use in high-use and high-risk areas. It is the UQ Hax0rs team submission for GovHack BNE 2015.


Free academic influence metrics and citation tracking




A suite of tools for running Paranoia: High Programmers. Currently with a scenario and character generator, future features include user submitted content and a live version for extra Fun! Other RPGs are un-fun. Play Paranoia: High Programmers.
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Flappy Arm is a team based game in which a team of players controls joints on a robotic arm to cooperatively pick up and move objects. The aim of Flappy Arm is to inspire and educate younger students about the multi-disciplinary effort required to create similar real world robots and systems. It is the UQ Hax0rs team submission for QUT Hack where it won a prize from Technology One.

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Quickly and easily see assessment weightings and calculate the required marks for gradings.


Catticbooks was a platform design to faciliate the selling and trade of textbooks. Bringing ease to a task that is a chore for many students.The project was a winner at the 2015 UQCS Hackathon.

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An interactive bash-like console written entirely in Javascript for storytelling projects.
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Tagster is an NFC based tracking system for mining companies to track their mineral samples from the field to the lab. It was created as part of the 2016 Unearthed Hackathon. It consists of an Android app (that scans and writes the tags) and a web dashboard (for managers). The solution maintains accountability throughout the sample chain of custody, with or without access to the internet.

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Records the parking availability at UQ and plots it over the last 24 hours. Historical data is also available.




ShotType allows you to change the format in which screenshots are saved on the Mac. It supports numerous formats including png, jpg, tiff, psd, and pdf. The app has been used across inTouch Consultancy and is Open Source.

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A simple web app that allows you to predict your blood alcohol level (BAC). The app was made to assist young adults in understanding the effects of different alcohol concentrations and volume on BAC and help promote safe driving.




Borealysis was made and designed during the 2016 Brisbane Unearthed Hackathon. The solution analyses data gathered from bore holes to establish the locations of coal seams and the respective fragmentation of these layers. In practice, such a solution could reduce data analysis by up to 3 weeks per hole.

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Lonely Cube is a puzzle game made as a collaboration between a UQCS member and a QUT IT & Creative Industries student. The project was their first endeavour into the App store for both Android and iOS. All in all, it's free to download and play, and great to pass the time on a bus/train ride.

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HDML is an ML based programming language designed to model logic circuits. It was made at the UQCS hackathon of 2018 by Neil Ashford, Aidan Goldthorpe, and Tom Richardson. As well as the compiler for the programming language, it includes a visualiser for the logic circuit, an analyser to view the truth table for the circuit, and a simulator.

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Muncoordinated is a Model UN committee management service. It's built with TypeScript, React, Firebase and SemanticUI. It sees active use amongst the Australian Model UN community, as well as internationally.