Introduction to Git

So you have heard of that 'Git' thing, and look at GitHub all the time, but do you actually know what it is? Maybe you have tried Git before, but want to know how to branch and merge better?

The solution is to come to our Introduction to Git seminar, of course! We will go over what Git is and how to use it from both the command line and GUI clients. We will also talk about different types of Git repository setups, and how you can more effectively use branches and merge them back into master.

Seminar: Linux Installation

To coincide with with CSSE2310 and COMP3301 in Semester 2, 2014, the UQ Computing Society will be running a Linux installation seminar for all interested students. The aim of this will be to demonstrate how to set up a Linux virtual machine, including both basic and advanced installation techniques. You will be able to use this knowledge for both virtual machine and full/dual booting installations.

This seminar will be presented by Dr Joel Fenwick, course coordinator for CSSE2310. Joel Addison will also be assisting, in his capacity as an Ubuntu Member.

End of Semester Video Games

To celebrate the semester being over, UQCS is holding a night of video games. As usual, we will have both staff and student teams competing. The main game happening this time is TF2, but other games might happen on the night.

If you would like to participate, all you need to do is fill in your details in the form below (direct link).

Staff vs Students Video Games

Thanks to everyone who participated in the first Staff vs Students Video Games for 2014. Keep an eye out for further nights of gaming action later in the semester.

Seminar on Pervade and Hypervade

On Monday 24 March, we'll be hosting the first UQCS seminar of the year. The topic for this talk will be the Pervade system, and it will be presented by David Gwynne, an Infrastructure Architect here at UQ. Pervade is a computer imaging system using the BitTorrent protocol, developed within the EAIT Faculty IT and Infrastructure Group. Pervade is currently used by EAIT to perform the imaging of the many computers within the faculty. David will also discuss the future of Pervade, including Hypervade, a hypervisor running in some labs at UQ. So, make sure you come along and learn about a unique and novel way to solve a common problem, developed and deployed, right here at UQ!

Our sponsors who make the events at UQCS possible: