The UQ Computing Society provides a fun, social and challenging environment for students interested in coding and technology.

UQCS is life-changing for anyone even remotely technologically minded. The sense of community, the topical events and the wealth of knowledge are all incredible, not to mention the mountains of pizza. Trust me, it’ll be the best value you’ve ever gotten out of $5. - Nick Lambourne

What do we do?

We develop, hack and ultimately have fun.

The Committee

Cameron Aavik (@csa)
Max Bo (@mb)
Rob Kopel (@rob)
Tom Manderson (@trm)
General Committee
Mitch McDermott (@mitch)
General Committee
Neil Ashford (@artemis)
General Committee
Harry Guthrie (@guthers)
General Committee

Our Sponsors

Lastly, a massive thank you to our sponsors who make the events at UQCS possible.