Happy 2017 UQCS! Semester 1 is about to start, so we hope you’ve had a relaxing holiday.

Market Day

Market day is arriving yet again so it’s time to renew your UQCS memberships. We have our most active year yet planned for you (and, yes, free pizza will continue to feature). As usual, UQCS annual membership is only $5.

If you don’t feel like braving the market day crowds, the online membership form is available again! We’re just finishing some upgrades on last year’s signup system, but keep an eye out on Slack and Facebook next week for details.

Shirt Designs

Want to be the proud owner of the 2017 UQCS shirt? Online preorders are now open at https://shirts.uqcs.org.au. Get your shirt with Craig Johnson’s “Code Monkey” design for $15 if you order before Market Day, or $20 from Market Day onward. You can pickup your order or purchase a shirt (at full price) at the UQCS stall on Market Day.

"Code Monkey" shirt mockup


A reminder: we still have our anonymous feedback form available for any concerns, queries or suggestions you want to share. We want to make 2017 the best year UQCS has ever seen, and for that, we need your feedback.