Sorry for the slow pace of updates - we’ve been too busy with all the events we’re running! As compensation, here’s one big mega-update.

Linear Programming

Mitchell Grice wrapped up his series of talks on linear programming on April 14. His materials and challenges are available here if you want to revisit them.

Understanding Java Bytecode

Second-year student Cameron Aavik gave a great talk about Java bytecode on April 13 (busy week!). His talk dove into the details of what JVM bytecode looks like, how it’s generated by the Java compiler, and how it can be modified — complete with a live demo! If you missed the event, his slides are available.

Computational Geometry

In a joint event with the Maths Student Society, we heard a very interesting lecture on Computational Geometry from Associate Professor Ben Burton on April 28. There was something for everyone in his talk, and we’re sure both maths and software students learned something new.

Big thanks to the Maths Student Society for helping us arrange the event and to Ben Burton for giving us his time and knowledge — hopefully this collaboration is a sign of great things to come!

Data Visualisation & Industrial Mathematics

Thanks to UQCS sponsor Polymathian for coming to talk to us about the software and industrial mathematics field and about the work they do. In this talk on May 5, guests from Polymathian gave us an overview of their products and what it’s like to do maths for a living.

Polymathian uses mathematical models paired with their own data management & visualisation cloud platform ‘Tropofy’, which they showed off. They also talked about the impact modern software is having on industry. For those interested, slides are available, and their Tropify platform is free for academic use.

Lightning Talks 2

On May 12 we hosted our second set of Lightning Talks with a lineup just as great as the last! Each talk runs for about 20 minutes with time for questions and socialising afterwards. We’re working on getting a recording available, so stay tuned!

Brett Hooker - Director of R&D and Technology One Guest: Brett Hooker - Director of R&D and Technology One
Topic: Technology One and his career in developing software solutions.

Brett Hooker talked at length about his career and his journey from Brisbane to America and back again. Brett discussed his time at Oracle and the lessons he learned there about building enterprise software. It was interesting to hear about his meeting with Larry Ellison and Peter Beattie as he worked to establish an Oracle office in Brisbane.

Of equal interest was his journey since Oracle — Brett discussed his time in the startup world, and his move to TechnologyOne, where he is now Director of R&D.

Big thank you to Brett Hooker for sharing his wealth of experience with us!

Nathan Hawes - Senior Research Engineer at Oracle Guest: Nathan Hawes - Senior Research Engineer at Oracle
Topic: Talking about large codebase visualisation (millions of lines) using the Frappé project.

The Oracle connection continued with Nathan Hawes giving a present on his work at Oracle Research. After an introduction to static code analysis, Nathan gave a live demonstration of the code visualisation tool he’d been working on, which generates an interactive map-style view from a codebase.

Guest: Ruben Slabbert (@dalailambda on Slack) - 2nd Year IT Student
Topic: Talking about writing performant code.

Ruben gave an informing introduction to writing performant code, covering topics from efficient use of the cache to algorithmic time complexity. Ranging from theory to real-world tips, his advice was certainly useful to anyone looking to write code that runs as fast as possible

Coming Up
What: UQCS Code Jam
When: Wednesday 13th April, 4 - 6pm
Where: 78-217
Why: Compete through short programming challenges.