UQCS and EBESS will again be holding their regular SWOTVAC tutorial session for anyone interested in getting some help before exams.

What: Semester 2 Exam Revision
When: Wednesday 5th November, 1-3pm
Where: ITEE Learning Centre, GP South (78-217)
Why: Get help with revision questions before your exams.

Anyone is welcome to attend to ask questions about Elec/Metr/Software/IT courses. There will be tutors available for a wide range of subjects, including:

  • COMP3301
  • COMP3506
  • COMP3702 (T)
  • COMP4500
  • COMS3000 (T)
  • CSSE1001 (T)
  • CSSE2310 (T)
  • DECO2800 (T)
  • ELEC2004
  • ELEC3100
  • ENGG1300
  • INFS1200
  • INFS2200
  • INFS3200
  • INFS3204
  • MATH1051
  • MATH1052
  • MATH1061
  • MATH2302 (T)
  • MECH2100
  • MECH3200

​Courses with a (T) next to them mean a tutor from the course will be attending.